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To be in a trance-like state while under the effects of a mind altering substance such as Ecstasy, Marijuana, or alcohol.
"That ex made me float...I feel so ziggidy"
by Tyler June 06, 2006
floppage: noun 1: The measure of an object's current state of horizontal, vertical, or diagonal flopping. 2: The state of man in which the genital mass sits awkwardly within one's boxer shorts, and flops upon movement. 3: A state of any being in which a body part, esp. genitalia, flops subtly or excessively. 4: Any time in which one's extremities flop. 5: The scientific measure of the floppant motions of a particular object.
Dude!! Ive got major floppage!!!!
by Tyler November 18, 2004
The longest pubic hair protruding from one's anus.
After brushing her teeth the lady flossed with her snuff crut.
by Tyler December 14, 2003
used to replace the term fraternity so as to explain what they are truly about
the kappa sigs are the biggest fagternity on campus
by tyler March 09, 2005
A boy or girl, who lives in a trailer, or dresses/smells/lacks money, self control, or self pride, or otherwise acts like those who live in trailer parks due to lack of money, because they spend too much on booze/drugs. Usually the general scum of society, these are the types who will make idle threats, try to act 'ghetto' or even some 'skaters'. They also make fun of those with more money, or those who care for their own appearance - those they label the 'preps'.
Damian is such a trailerslut, look at him, or even better - smell him.
by Tyler December 22, 2004
A girl who is extremely beautiful, hot, and has a great personality
Bailey Coxis Extremely beautiful hotness
by Tyler August 22, 2003
electronic control unit, in cars, controls rev limit, max speed, etc
that Mugen ecu is pretty sick on ma 91 crx si, FOO.
by tyler July 09, 2003

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