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your ex-girlfriend's stuff which you would like her to get out of your fucking house (or apartment)
"Get your crap off the floor and get the fuck out of my house you fucking skank."
by Tyler May 14, 2005
Doing something just because you want to.
I kicked my grandma's ass just for kicks.
by Tyler November 06, 2003
Reno/Sparks/Lake Tahoe area. Coined by the hardcore scenesters of the region back in the early '80s. The most well-known act to emerge from that scene was 7 Seconds.
HC kids from Skeeno used to wear trenchcoats, boots, and put black charcoal under their eyes like football players.
by Tyler September 24, 2004
When a mans pants are so tight that his "organ" is forced down one side of his pants and is pressed against his leg for everyone to see.
"I had camel tail when I put on the pants for my Halloween costume of Axel Rose" at Tanja's party.
by Tyler January 16, 2005
A sandwich made entirely out of pwn and n00bsauce. Is usually served out on 24/7 cs_assault servers and costs $13.37
OMFG did you see how I pwned that guy after boosting through the roof? I totally served him a tasty pwnwich
by Tyler April 29, 2004
When asked a question where the only possible answers could be "yes" or "no,",answering something other than "yes" or "no."

Background: People often do not know how to answer a simple question, our friend Mike being among them.
Tyler: Hey Mike, do you have Wednesday off next week?
Mike: I have three days off next week.
Tyler: ...is Wednesday one of them?
by Tyler December 20, 2004
When you take care of your friends who have had far too much to drink. This goes above and beyond the simple task of being the designated driver as it includes but is not limited to:
Making sure they don't get into fights
Making sure if they do get into a fight, damage received is minimal, while damage inflicted is maximal.
Taking lots of pictures while they're throwing up in random places
Brositting Mike was hard enough, but then when Chris had too much to drink it almost got out of control.
by Tyler February 23, 2008

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