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Secksy. Yes he is. He likes to be teh homofag of #cheatlist. He is secksy tho.
Wow that man is such a boardmasta.
by turkey November 18, 2002
inebriation pretty similar to n'cheekd. The two words can be combined as in rankord n'cheekd
I was well rankord last night
by turkey February 10, 2005
The word sayzin comes from some dudes nickname or pull off of a nickname. We use it as a general use word. It could mean a dumbass, a fucker, a police officer, whatever you really want to imply with it. A filler word if you want to look at it like that, or a replacement word.
Why did you do that you sayzin.
Ronnie is such a sayzin for putting up with that girls bullshit.
Hey, watch out for that sayzin right there, he's clocking people with his headlights off... you get the idea.
by turkey July 07, 2004
wtf r u losers on about that r saying tekken sux???
Tekken is THE SHIT!! Best fighting game ever! And wats this shit about street fighter? Therez no resemblance between the 2 games!!! and so wat if its easy to beat? if u got any frends just play it with them. if u dnt then fuck u. thats ur problem.
The Tekken series is in a leauge of its own
no need for examples. Tekken is tekken. I rekcon tekken 3 was a huge improvement from 1 and 2 and they were good enuf as it was!!!
by TuRkEy December 25, 2003
A man or turkey that shaves the back of their hand
Dude i just pulled the biggest nawfal!!!! I shaved the bak of my hand LMAO
by TuRkEy December 25, 2003
To shit, pooh, crap etc
Sorry about the smell, I've just kacked my pants
by Turkey January 12, 2005
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