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Secksy, a variation of Sexy with a BIG difference. Sexy is what it's called when you have a sexual interest in a person. Secksy is when you realize that others may have a sexual interest in a person. I.E. A man can call another man secksy and still be straight, whereas calling him sexy indicates gayness.
Guy#1 "I look uber 1337, no?"
Guy#2 "Secksy!"
Guy#1 "Lets go pick up some womens!"
Guy#2 "Right on!"
by Steele May 20, 2004
secks is like sex but secksier
heathaaa is secksy, NOT!
by heathaaa February 15, 2004
A 1337 way of saying sexy
~/0|_| 4|23 50 secksy
by ninja4 March 07, 2005
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