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a good bye greeting used on a dickhead. Usually after screwing them over.
Partner 1... "Farewell fuckface".
Partner 2... "Boy that fuckface was easy!
by ttim_1 July 23, 2005
A dacne peformed by rednecks living in the mountains.
Ma and Pa went to the barn dance to do a little clogin.
by ttim_1 July 23, 2005
A new wave dance step....see clogin.
Boy that redneck sure can clog.
by ttim_1 July 23, 2005
A turd usually made from eating to much mexican food.
Dude, I gotta go drop a chulupa!!
by ttim_1 July 23, 2005
A internet fuck. Used by perverts and very ugly people.
1.Chester is the biggest pervert in town. He gets off by doing the cybergrind.
2. She so ugly the only way she gets off is by doing the cybergrind.
by ttim_1 July 23, 2005

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