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Cybergrind is a form of grindcore that, aside from the instruments used by ordinary grindcore, uses computer generated sounds and/or drum machines and other synthetic instruments to create an insanely fast and brutal sound.
The most notable cybergrind band is, suprisingly, "Cybergrind"
by Jeff24 January 09, 2005
Grindcore that uses special synth effects. The drums tend to be programmed or a drum machine is used.
BAYI, Gigantic Brain, The Berzerker, Gunerook and a whole other set of bands
by dalvarez July 07, 2005
A internet fuck. Used by perverts and very ugly people.
1.Chester is the biggest pervert in town. He gets off by doing the cybergrind.
2. She so ugly the only way she gets off is by doing the cybergrind.
by ttim_1 July 23, 2005
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