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10 definitions by truant

(V): To Urban Dictionary. Meaning to coin a word or phrase to describe something, someone, or some situation and to post such on UrbanDictionary.com.
Bushman: "That was great, the time that billy goat attacked you at Joyland."

Truant: "Shut yer hole or I'll UD yer ass until you cry."
by Truant January 14, 2004
Noun (1): Someone who shirks school or work in pursuit of self-chosen desires.

Noun (2): The pseudonym for quite possibly the most antisocial outcast this planet has seen.

Verb: To shirk school or work in pursuit of self-chosen desires/activities.
Noun (1): Mrs. Felcher: "We used to have a garden gnome, but some truant stole it to hock it for a dime bag."

Noun (2): Wayno: "That Truant guy is a legend in his own mind. Quitting a good job because of his hosebeast boss. Took some balls, man."

Verb: Norling: "Since Truant's gone truant, he ain't been right."
by Truant January 13, 2004
Noun: A silverback of Northern European ancestry, indigenous and endemic to the Central Texas area.

Verb: To use surprising cunning against and prevail.
Noun: Check out that Norling over there, I hear he has five sacks!

Verb: Truant wanted to succeed at his last job, but he got norlinged by his hosebeast boss.
by Truant January 13, 2004
Noun: A sub-species of the hominid family indigenous to Central Texas. Spawning grounds are in South-Central Texas. Proud of Latino heritage and an avid fan of the Longhorns and a player of card games.

WARNING: The wily Samaro can be very unpredictable. Things known to agitate the feral Samaro include: Oil stains on his driveway, a lesser Wayno mis-dealing cards, and especially a common fuckhead throwing a football at his classic restored pickup truck.
Norling: "Dammit that's the third Earl Campbell I've dropped in the blue bucket."

Bushman: "That's kewl, just put it in a tortilla and give it to Samaro."
by Truant January 13, 2004
Slang: The act of male masturbation.
Norling promptly whipped out his dong and beat the hog in front of his friends.
by Truant January 13, 2004
Noun: To be substituted for "bridesmaid" in the expression "Always a bridesmaid and never a bride." Use is limited to a reference to sports, sport hobby, or dating.
That Tony and Rico guys, they're always Bonaccis and never a bride in our fantasy football league.
by Truant January 13, 2004
Noun: A friendly, hardworking, heterosexual, domesticated bartending male of the homonid/homer class. Known to seasonally migrate between Central Texas and home spawning grounds in Michigan.
Wilson: Hey man, Truant's got two felonies and now the Man's got him pulled over with ten dime bags and a scale.

Bushman: Hey, that's kewl. Tell the Man the bags belong to Wayno.
by Truant January 13, 2004