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Strange way of expressing disgust or doing something reasonably bad. Usually used by strange Singaporeans who have nothing better to do.

See also Coolies, Yeah Balls, Fuck Spider
Singaporean: Wah siao, when i went to NS, i had to learn how to use a pistol. The noise so loud. I so scared. Can vomit blood liao.
by Toejam May 16, 2005
The sound made by Malaysian girls while attempting to sound cute. Normally used to defuse tense situations. Accompanied by hand motions i.e: clenching both fists at the side of your head, and slowly opening them while making the "chiiiak!" sound.
Hey, don't stress too much. Chiiiak! (followed by accompanied hand motions)
by Toejam April 12, 2005
Strange way of agreeing to something. Usually said by dirty old Singaporean men. Followed by wierd random hand movements.

See also, Coolies, Vomit Blood and Fuck Spider
Other: Damn, that bitch is uglier than your momma

Singaporean: Yeah Balls!
by Toejam May 16, 2005
A blonde bombshell squished together like Bradgenlina. Definitely a dumb blonde!
She is so stupid! What a blombe!
by toejam February 01, 2012
also known as the perineum. the area between your balls and your bunghole. known to be extremely sensitive to electric shocks.
"damn, that bitch licked my chot last night!"
by Toejam April 16, 2005
The act of blocking ones chicken (also known as a cock) from ones farmer.

See also:
CBKed - Cockblocked
CBKing - Cockblocking
Farmer Jones CBKed the hen from Farmer Henry thus delaying the process in which he produced eggs.
by Toejam January 12, 2004
an extremely irritating way of saying 'Cool'. Used by Singaporeans who love trying to by cute and original. The phrase turns out sounding pathetic and makes user seem too try-hard to fit into society.
Singaporean: Yo Bro, wanna have lunch?

Other: Nah, i've got things to do, places to go.

Singaporean: Coolies.
by Toejam May 16, 2005

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