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It can mean anything, in any terms, it can be an adjective, noun, or adverb. It can be the act of doing anything and everything. It can be an expression of how you felt. In all it means the center of the universe. The meaning of life
I wanna go chot.
#chode #chote #everything #nothing #answer
by chotmast3r July 06, 2010
Popular in Southern Illinois as a substitute for the word "shot", whereas "c" replaces "s" in any word that begins with "sh".

Originally "Get you a chot." (in reference to drinking cheap whiskey)

also refers to anything that one can "get" or "give" some of:

("Giving the old lady a chot from behind after work.")
"Getchoo a chot!"

"Damn,.. that dude got chot!"

"I don't know,... it's a long chot."


"I feel like chit,.. give me a chot".

"Let me chower and chave and I'll be over as soon as I get my chirt and choes on."
#southern illinois #chot #thefirstcause #mcleansboro #combat #carl
by linux lewis October 28, 2011
Chubby but hot
Dude that girl is chot
#chot #chubby #hot #sexy #babe #dude #girl #beautiful #chunky #but #funkyy
by Scaryduck September 20, 2014
Another word for "shit" derived from "chit". Among the rising revolution, "chot" is becoming the most popular replacement for "chit" or "shit" and no one, not even your parents know what it means, so you won't get into trouble for using profanity.
The rave last night was the chot.

Holy chot, I lost my paraphernalia.
#chit #shit #chat #chet #shite
by Nicehurr December 13, 2010
This is a adjective for someone who is "chill" and "hot". Chill meaning they have a positive relaxed attitude/personality that is fun to be around and hot being they are attractive. Someone who is chot can be called a "chottie".
This new guy is my class is so chot.

The girls we hung out with last night were a couple of chotties!
#chill #hot #attractive #sexy #chillen
by Yenniepenny September 05, 2014
The feeling of when you cannot decide whether or not you are cold or hot. You go outside and you cant decide if you want to wear your jacket or naw.
"Man im so chot I dont even know if i need this stupid jacket or naw. oh no."
#hot #cold #chilly #on fire #warm
by Jesuslover25 June 13, 2014
The combination of a chode and a twat.
You are so much of a loser you are a a chot.
#chode #twat #penis #vagina #tuscher
by captain dammit May 29, 2007
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