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when you are going to hookup with some chick and then someone (her friend, cousin, whatever) comes in and sees to it that it doesnt happen
tony getting cockblocked on g5 by whatever the hell her name was.
by jim June 05, 2003
Preventing a fellow male from tapping ass when hes going down the stretch. A man can cock block inadvertently but it is often done out of jealousy or asshole-ism.
"That loser couldn't get a chick for himself so he decided to hang around like a third wheel and cock blocked me instead."
by rick_james_bitch September 21, 2005
1) The prevention of a potential hook-up. Either done by a jealous friend/douschebag, or by an overprotective friend (Mother Hen) of the girl involved in potential hook up. (see game killer.

2) The act of "cutting" at a 4-way stop sign and "cock-blocking" someone who has waited thier turn at a stop sign.
1) Guy 1: I'd really like to see you again.
Girl 1: I don't have to go home tonight.
Guy 2: Hey Carl, remember that time you shit yourself?
Girl 1: Ummm... I have somewhere to be...

2) This dumbass in a drivers ed car just cock blocked me at the stop sign. So I tailgated the fucker till he ran of the road, it was my turn at the stop sign, he needs to learn his place.
by Keifer Jennings November 08, 2006
The intentional hindrance or disruption of the act of consensual sex with malicious intent.
While I was having sex with my girlfriend, Bob cockblocked me by breaking into my room and throwing a wet paper towel at my face.
by KillaKinz March 01, 2009
Originally meaning when a person is about to engage in sexual activity and a person (family member, friend, child etc.) stops any chance of doing so. This can also be applied to any day to day non-sexual activity. Such as going out with friends, smoking bud, etc.
"Dude, I was guna get some ass, but then her best friend, who I think is a dyke and totally has a crush on her, cockblocked me."

"Fuck man, we were going to the movies, but then my mom cockblocked me."
by pistolpetee January 05, 2010
1) To be cock blocked is when someone prevents you of hanging or talking to a girl of interest.

Cock block can happen when you are already talking to a girl(or guy) of interest alone and someone comes up and starts to talk and hang out with you.

2) Cock block can also happen litterly, when someone prevents you from having sexual intercourse with a female of interest.
1) Moose and Kayleigh were hanging out together and Damion cock blocked Matt.

2) Matt and Kaitlyn were about to have sexual intercourse when some drunk walked into the room and cock blocked Matt.
by Da-Moose_Productions November 10, 2007
Friend who maliciously prevents the act of getting booty.
At the club, Patrick was about to get Bianca's phone number, when Al (ie the Closer) cock-blocked him by telling her Pat’s a nice guy… that lives at home… with his parents.
by Man Law7 February 12, 2007
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