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5 definitions by tabby

Matthew Bellamy-
Orgin- His Parents (Father musican)
Matthew Bellamy- God like person. Amazing Musican/Songwriter.
Extream perfection of Manhood
He is so good, he could almost be Matthew Bellamy.
So very Matthew Bellamy..
By the Beauty of Mathhew Bellamy!!
by Tabby March 14, 2005
670 82
To become infatuated with, or crazy in love with. Butterflies in stomach are optional.
"She killed so many men because he was twiterpated with their cocks, because she wanted one herself"
by Tabby May 17, 2004
64 58
Used to grope girls, especially when groping is unwanted and unsolicited.
Last night when he was drunk he tried to use his gropers on me.
by Tabby April 25, 2005
8 6
make me some pancakes bitch
by tabby October 23, 2003
26 38
1. A year round tan. Someone with a year round tan.
2. Abusive Someone who is obviously of hispanic or gitano origin.
1. Tabby has a permatan.
Tabby is a permatan
2. Tabby is a permatan.
by Tabby March 26, 2005
11 25