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The state of having fallen in love (especially at first sight).
"Aw, look at him. He's twiterpated." Thumper from Bambi speaking about Bambi.
by Scotty J November 25, 2005
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To become infatuated with, or crazy in love with. Butterflies in stomach are optional.
"She killed so many men because he was twiterpated with their cocks, because she wanted one herself"
by Tabby May 17, 2004
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The feeling of loneliness and eagerness to become committed in a relationship or find true love during the spring. Derived from the movie "Bambi" where all the woodland creatures found love at first sight during the beginning of spring.
Dude, shut up. Your just twiterpated
by kilo juliet romeo March 25, 2011
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