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61 definitions by sukebe

The name given to every other man's penis.
I don't care if your dick is the size of Loch Ness. If I haven't seen it, it ain't there.
by sukebe November 18, 2006
A wicked encyclopedia.
Wikipedia rocks. rocks
by sukebe December 14, 2006
People who work, live, and sail on a ship. People who have a passion for the se.

Also sailors, se people and se-farers.
Why are the others writing such dirty and horrible things about semen?
by sukebe November 17, 2006
A sort of red fruit that grows on trees.
Organic apples look like caramel bunnies.
by sukebe September 19, 2004
in reference to an unsuspecting asian person (esp. a tool), used by a non-asian solely as a way to meet other asians and to infiltrate their culture.
1) That American girl has never met an asian guy before. So she befriends the naive Takeshi -- her gateway asian. Now that she is comfortable with being around Japanese people and is seen by enough of his countrymen, she abandons Takeshi, eats a lot of sushi, and sleeps with hot asian guys.

2) Japanese kid (to an American girl): stay the fuck away from me. I'm not your gateway asian.
by sukebe June 17, 2007
To take out from a body of water an animal or thing.

Fishing is an old man's sport. Bass fishing is a pseudo sport but is cool for video games. Go fish is a card game.
I fish sometimes. The thigh high boots and fishing poles are so fabulous. Anyways I'd drop my contact lens into the water and wind up fishing for those.
by sukebe December 15, 2006
"...love is the soul's recognition of its counterpoint in another."

source: The Wedding Crasher (2005)
I'm barfing.
by sukebe November 17, 2006