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a vault of knowledge that embodies the wisdom of crowds
don't be so sure what "booty" is until you check out urban dictionary
by sukebe June 28, 2007
A noisy game that you play with many little balls.
I like playing pachinko in a room full of strangers.
by sukebe November 23, 2006
masturbating and assfucking. Refers to how a guy satisfies himself in prison.
An interview with Hannibal Lector. Interviewer: must be hard being in prison.

Hannbial makes that annoying sucking sound with his teeth and lips.

HL: yes, well, there's m&a. And alfafa beans. (makes annoying sucking sound again)
by sukebe November 19, 2006
A reference to a cow's religious status in India.
I drink organic milk.
by sukebe September 19, 2004
How a druggie spends his day.
By popping pills (aspirin, sleeping pills, amphetamine) , he was able to take his pain away.
by sukebe November 20, 2006
By using excessive force to kick open a door, the foot manages to puncture and become lodged in it. Door is mostly made of wood or less brittle material.
Office building. A man stands under the doorway of a room. His foot seems partially lifted in the air. A stream of people passes by him, squeezing indifferently through the narrow crack of the door.

Man: Um. (People continue to pass.) Can someone help me? I've got a foot in the door.
by sukebe November 18, 2006
A nutcracker, when used on a penis.
For the love of God, Naked Men, do not go near a nutcracker.
by sukebe September 19, 2004

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