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An animal that is the butt of many sex jokes.
Did you hear about the one about the flock of white sheep and the one gray baby? Everyone looked at the black farmer who said, "It's not me. I always wear a condom."
by sukebe November 19, 2006
Going anal without a condom.
Dude, wear a condom.
by sukebe January 27, 2004
What your mother says you are when you're fucking ugly.
You're all special, boys and girls.
by sukebe December 01, 2006
Bernard-Henri Levy. French philosopher. Author of Babarism with a Human Face. Latest book describes his journey across America, examining Red and Blue states, and finalizing in a critique of our democratic system and values. Currently shares a home with the actress-singer Arielle Dombasle.
We don't want French guys like BHL walking around in our country and fucking our ho's.
by sukebe November 18, 2006
The result of two or more gay guys going, without proper preparation, at each other's ass.
Doctor, looking at two guys on stretchers, naked asses up. Their buttholes are bleeding. "Lubes, guys," he says. "Otherwise you're going to have a bad time. It's mutually assured destruction."
by sukebe November 18, 2006
People who work, live, and sail on a ship. People who have a passion for the se.

Also sailors, se people and se-farers.
Why are the others writing such dirty and horrible things about semen?
by sukebe November 17, 2006
A sex act in which a man or woman wet farts in your face.
A man was just blizzard'd.

(To his partner): What did you eat today, broccoli?
by sukebe November 17, 2006

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