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An industrial-strength cleaner sold by the company Colgative Palmolive, usually in powder form.
The fact that it took so long for someone to identify Ajax as a popular cleaner says a lot about the personal hygiene of Ajax soccer fans.
by sukebe November 21, 2006
What a person says when he has something to discuss.
Boy: We need to talk.
Girl: ...
Boy: We need a new shower head.
by sukebe September 19, 2004
A UK actor who picked up a whore on Sunset Strip.
I like Hugh Grant. --
by sukebe November 17, 2006
1. the act of deriving pleasure from shoving a penis into an orifice.

2. the act of pleasuring a man or woman's anal area.

3. the act of pleasuring a female's genital area.

4. any process in nature that involves a male gamete and female oocyte that results in the production of an offspring.

1. (i) I like it when a girl puts on heels and I have sex with her feet.

(ii) I just put seran wrap inside my car's exhaust pipe and I am humping it. I am having sex with my car.

(iii) I caught a dolphin and I am fucking her hole. I am having sex with a dolphin.

(iv) The shephard enjoys having sex with his animals by sneaking up on them at night.

(v) My dog humps the hole in the tree trunk. It likes having sex with the tree.

(vi) I jerk off three times a day. Having sex with myself makes me tired.

(vii) I talk to girls in chatrooms and have virtual sex with them. I am not actually shoving my cock up their ass, but in my mind I am virtually doing it.

(viii) Bill Clinton put his cock in Monica Lewinsky's mouth. He had oral sex with Monica Lewinsky.

2. I had a kid shove a broom up my ass. Broom sex is awesome.

3. (i) I am rubbing my clit against the rough sofa. I'm having sex with the sofa.

(ii) I am rubbing my pussy against my roomate's clit. We're having lesbian sex.

(iii) Bubba just shoved a cigar up my vagina. He is fucking me with a cigar.

4. (i) The pollination between two flowers or of one flower with itself is a sexual act.

(ii) Artifical insemination can be considered to be sex in a tube or petri dish.

(iii) A paramecium that splits in two is not reproducing sexually, but asexually.
by sukebe November 19, 2006
1. Reference to something that has a high temperature.

2. Reference to a sexual object of desire.
Me: That barbecue stove is hot as hell.
Someone Else: ...
by sukebe September 19, 2004
A UK actor who picked up a whore on Sunset Strip.
I like Hugh Grant. --
by sukebe November 18, 2006
Going anal without a condom.
Dude, wear a condom.
by sukebe January 27, 2004

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