56 definitions by stan

releasing evil demons created by taco bell through one's anus
so, i told frank sinatra... wait hold on... (FART).... OHHH that felt good
by stan March 16, 2005
Same as doggie style only with a fat girl.
She was so big we fucked hog style.
by Stan March 15, 2004
worthless, not even worth two dead flies.
He ain't worth two dead flies
by Stan March 08, 2004
to be "spun","tweaked","on one"to be under the influence of meth & loose normal rational thought processes.
eric was so spagattled that he was pulling the engine out of a 76 gremlin in the middle of the street at 3 in the morning
by stan June 22, 2004
When a guy rubs his cock on the pussy lips of a girl but doesn't penetrate. Teen age form of birth control
I didn't have a condom and I didn't want ot knock her up so we just played the fiddle.
by Stan March 15, 2004
To puke. Throw up
I got so drunk, then I blew grits.
by Stan March 15, 2004
An adjective that gives any action or noun a more hyperactive or bright meaning.
Dude that fucking ride was ZAMPY AS HELL!!!
by stan May 17, 2003

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