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A weak willed person that hangs on to a stronger person and does their dirty work for them.
Loraine does what ever Kim tells her to do, she is such a pathetic trunk monkey.
by Stan March 16, 2004
a very gay dance that clowns use to get sex
the clown was crumpin when he was bangin the girl
by stan April 18, 2005
sixty year old goth who throws chickens
alice cooper kicks ass
by stan December 13, 2004
useless shit cartoons that draw the attention of doomed middle school nerds with small penises
if you enjoy anime and are over the age of nine you deserve to be hot-karled
by stan February 13, 2005
To toilet paper someone's yard.
He pissed us off, so we rolled his yard last night.
by Stan March 16, 2004
The state or condition of having reached a legendary level of coolness such that your existance is no longer governed by the same laws, restrictions, and limits that apply to all other mortals.
Coolness is measured in "Bhakti's." So far, the highest ranking person, place, or thing on the sliding scale from 0 to 1 Bhakti's is the Penguin, ranking in at .03 Bhakti's.
by Stan March 26, 2005
being afraid of people who have the potential of putting a chokeball in your mouth
homophobia is so gay
by stan March 24, 2005

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