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56 definitions by stan

An adjective that gives any action or noun a more hyperactive or bright meaning.
Dude that fucking ride was ZAMPY AS HELL!!!
by stan May 17, 2003
3 2
a one word response to any comment that you find no intrest in. use this in place of why, when, how, or what.
we should try to be more careful.
response: who?
by stan April 12, 2004
18 18
To puke. Throw up
I got so drunk, then I blew grits.
by Stan March 15, 2004
5 5
a very well endowed male.
"She was tellin' everyone you were hung like a paint can".
by stan April 12, 2004
10 11
A man, mostly like to be called 'Kez', who takes all of the skill out of football simulation console games by running as fast as possible towards the goal line and then cuts the ball back for a player to tap in from 2 yards.
The word jobber is derived from the type of goal scored here, a 'jobber goal'.
That's such a jobber goal Kez, you bloody jobber!
You been to the job centre there....
by Stan October 25, 2010
4 6
become bonafide.
He made his bones withthe gang by taking donw a candy store.
by Stan March 08, 2004
6 9
the perfect word to define someone that looks very awkward and out of place in his/her current social setting. They seem to clueless as to what's going on around them, much like a mern
hey, that guy in the corner looks very unaware.
by stan April 12, 2004
10 15