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dumbasses who think that the only important religion is their own and those who think things only exist if they are in a book that i located in most motels
white american christians
by stan December 07, 2004
an ok director who looks down on minorities. also see hitler and mate.
the passion of the australian nazi
by stan February 13, 2005
a sweatshop that one travels to 180 days in a year
by stan March 08, 2005
To dominate or harass (one's husband) with persistent nagging.


To find fault with constantly: carp at, fuss at, nag, peck at, pick.
Stan decided to stay late at the office in an effort to decrease the amount of henpecking he would undoubtedly experience at home
by Stan July 15, 2005
if you don't know a way to fix the economy or improve local schools, please don't lie to the public
by stan March 16, 2005
1. a way of telling someone that you don't believe a word they're saying.

2. short for "never do that again"
1. yea, I hooked up with that chick once. Response: "never"

2. man, I just tripped down those stairs. Response: "never"
by stan April 12, 2004
another name for apart of NYC, Manhattan called Greenwich Village... a highly overpriced area, where back in the 50's and 60's lots of struggling artist lived, now only rich yuppie walk the streets
"Let's go the village... to get riped off."
by Stan February 23, 2005

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