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another name for apart of NYC, Manhattan called Greenwich Village... a highly overpriced area, where back in the 50's and 60's lots of struggling artist lived, now only rich yuppie walk the streets
"Let's go the village... to get riped off."
by Stan February 23, 2005
white guy that only does black girls
Dude is going out coal mining tonight
by Stan May 03, 2004
a female sexual partner who does not physically particapate much in the act of sex. Basically, just lays there like a log
Q: was she good in bed?
A: nah, she was a log
by Stan April 04, 2005
this is the term you give to anyone who looks slow, unathletic, and uncordinated when they are running the football. can be applied to guys in the NFL, your fatass buddy playing flag football, or even to a guy in a video game.
"this tailback fuckin' sucks; he cuts like a golfcart"
by stan April 13, 2004
The popular name for the Heckler & Koch United States Special Operations COMmand Mk23 Mod 0 Offensive Handgun Weapon System. Featured in Metal Gear Solid and Action Quake 2.
With a name like that, it's no wonder it's known as the SOCOM pistol.
by Stan January 24, 2004
Getting dressed up in a glamourusly trashy way. Looking almost slutty
Linda sure looks good when she gets all hoochied up.
by Stan March 08, 2004
when someone fucks so fast it resembles a rabbit going at it.
look at those two there rabbiting
by Stan February 15, 2005

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