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A division of the U.S. Naval Special Warfare dept. that specialize in reconnaisance and anti guerilla/terrorism warfare during clandestyne operations. SEAL standing for operating on Sea Air and Land
Over the next 2 years you will endure the most grueling lifestyle known to service members and man as a whole. If you pass and recieve your trident you will be a Navy SEAL
by Stan October 26, 2003
awesome basketball player that is black as night
i closed my eyes and saw kevin garnett
by stan December 14, 2004
the television station that is responsible for the genocide of good music
if all you play on your station is rap, shitty bands such as good charlotte, celebrity shows, and a show about two idiotic celebrities who happen to be married, you can't really classify yourself as "music" television
by stan February 23, 2005
a suburban white family whose last name is strangely "Niggar"
N-I-G-G-A-R it's the Niggar Family!

He has those Niggar lips

Teaching little Timmy how to ride a bike, these are the niggers that we like

He sure is one lazy Niggar

We're rich, they're Niggar rich
by stan February 15, 2005
A city sport played against a wall with you hards. Probably one of the oldest and greatest games. Played in the U.S. and Ireland, in U.S. mostly in New York City.
Whoa, did u see how he hit that handball?
by Stan June 14, 2003
Noun used to describe someone who you are banging, in the stage before she is your legitimate girlfriend
"Oh Hi guys, I hope you don't mind that I brought my um...friend Ursula to our poker night"
by Stan July 27, 2004
the disneyland of mexican resturants and you can get refried beans!
casa bonita awsome!
"casa bonita casa bonita enchilada momasita"
by Stan March 23, 2005

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