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FBI code word for ghosts and/or UFOs
nothing to worry about here, just some swamp gas caused a flare in the atmosphere...
by somethingplex1 December 26, 2011
to be murdered... again
some of these neologistical definitions could get me remurdered
by somethingplex1 December 26, 2011
diaorrhoea caused by excessive wine consumption
why is my winearrhoea always green?
by somethingplex1 December 27, 2011
generic form of 'revenge of the nerds' to which a film was NOT made with the same title.
revenge of the geeks is to 'revenge of the nerds,' kind of like what 'Mac and me' was to 'E.T.' only without the film...
by somethingplex1 December 26, 2011
a shit system
the shystem just keeps fucking me over, man. first, they make things cost more, then they replace my landlord with a government official that just wants to keep putting the rent up. I can't even grow weed anymore, because they teleport flies into my grow room...
by somethingplex1 December 24, 2011
any situation in which women hoard their feminity over males, usually in the form of inversexism.
the meeting was a total witch orgy, because most of the guys were off work nursing the gonorrhea they contracted from that new slut temp...
by somethingplex1 December 19, 2011
acronym for neologism
the statilinguicism became the opposite contemporary of the neologism, leading us to believe that the juxtaposition of certain elements of society was not enough. what we required was duality AND juxtaposition in ways that complimented our opinions and MY opinion in particular (which began to juxtapose with other people's opinion) because let's face it that is that an ego becomes the meaning of life (and the meaning of life sustains itself as long as there is life in occurrence) and sustains itself (or the bs) until it suits someone else anyhow, which in turn suits me or doesn't respectively depending on how robotic I'm feeling. I think I need to smoke some weed...
by somethingplex1 December 27, 2011

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