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1)term used to describe someone as their own muffin-like turd
2)another word for shit
"get lost bum muffin!"
by Simon November 11, 2004
Of or pertaining to tuna.
1. seafood that confused Jessica Simpson.
2.Smelly vaginal region.
My fingers are tuniferous after feeling up that cheerleader.
by Simon October 15, 2004
(Glaswegian slang) evocative expression used in lieu of other more widely-used and less descriptive terms for making love while very, very drunk.
"Ah wuz oot tae git mae hole but ah ended up takin' a whitie and boakin' doon 'er skirt, man."
by simon January 21, 2004
The coolest thing ever. Except its never been invented and it doesnt do anything except fly around and whack things

Dude 1: *WHAP* Dude 2! What was that?
Dude 2: Elementary, dude 1, it was simply that Flying Whack-O-Matic
Dude 1: Let us bow to our knees and praise its coolness in reverence of the god of coolness
Dude 2: Indeed
by Simon November 02, 2003
To be well hung, handsome and a skillful hockey player.
That bloke is definately El Spunko.
by Simon April 01, 2005
When a woman is showing a wedgie both in the rear and front of her pants.
Boy, she's really riding the tightrope today!
by simon February 01, 2005
now tree pple joined the sarga
tony simon and jack..
we all realized that life is shit and pple live in a fantisy of religion, ambition, love and passion.
through our lives we found that god has blinded pple in beleaving that theres more to life and theres a purpose but there really isnt.
the abitions of money, love and faith is a bottom less hole that you fill in but it never is full.
so living to try hard leads to nowhere but to a pittiful end....
we saw the light .. the purepose less of life cant not be discribed with just this word but somehting more grender ... known as purposelessnessist
the sence of purposelessness regarding life and its down fall spiral that people realise when seeing how life does not lead to any where.
a psy chological feeling similar to comfusion cause by an external stimuli from the coures of life.
by simon January 19, 2005

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