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Aussie slang for a place that is a long way away and is usually not worth travelling to.
Tim: Are you going to Dave's party tomorrow?
Rob: Yeah I would but it's all the way out in bumfucknowhere so I can't be bothered.
by Simon February 16, 2004
Fudge Packer
Self confessed player of the pink Obow
by simon August 23, 2003
Another word for a gay.
I'm sure that guy is a poefter.

You're such a poef!
by Simon March 07, 2005
n. an amazingly, cute, kinky girl
"YULO!!!! You're so cute."
by simon January 28, 2005
Like in the wild west this guy was like, "oh, I have an idea" and he invented the revolver

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang.
by Simon June 11, 2005
Usually a theatre/drama major in school. Their life is the theatre. They're the ones who start singing show tunes or quoting lines from plays when you say something to them.
Dude: Let me hold 50 cent.

Theatre Jock: "I got rythm," (show tune from 42nd. st.
by Simon October 14, 2004
Someone who constantly describes products services or ideas as Uber, Funky, Sexy or Foxy.

These people are usually found on vacation around Aspen (USA), Whsitler(Canada) or Courchevel (Austria), and can easily be identified by their gaudy clothing (with correct label) and bright blue drinks.
That geezer's a right Uber-tosser
by Simon January 20, 2005

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