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Very late at night, some time between midnight and dawn. Either you have to stay up very late, or you have to get up too damned early. Pronounced "oh dark thirty" or "zero dark thirty". (Derived from military time.)
My flight out's at 8 AM, so I'll have to get up at 0-dark-30 to get through security.
#dark 30 #oh dark 30 #ass-crack of dawn #zero dark 30 #dark-thirty
by Shoutingboy November 28, 2009
"Boston Qualifier"--a marathon finish time fast enough to qualify for entrance into the Boston Marathon (for example, faster than 3 hours 45 minutes for women aged 35-39).
I spent ten minutes in the Port-a-Potty that morning, blowing my shot at a BQ.
#boston qualifier #boston qualify #pr #pb #personal record #personal best
by Shoutingboy November 21, 2011
Something very funny, communicated online. The idea is that it's so funny that it causes you to spill and/or cough your drink onto your keyboard, shorting it out.
l4mez0r: ...and she said, yeah, but not with *that* spatula!
d00derino: LOL keyboard kill!
#lol #rofl #kk #confirmed keyboard kill #ckk
by Shoutingboy March 11, 2011
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