"Boston Qualifier"--a marathon finish time fast enough to qualify for entrance into the Boston Marathon (for example, faster than 3 hours 45 minutes for women aged 35-39).
I spent ten minutes in the Port-a-Potty that morning, blowing my shot at a BQ.
by Shoutingboy November 21, 2011
In surfing, the leader, like the Big Kahuna or Moondoggie. Abbreviation from a foreign term for the same.
Woody is the BQ at Rincon.
by turtle fur October 12, 2011
big queer, somebody who is a complete douche
dude, B.Q. is talking about his camaro again.
by atomic solution April 05, 2007
Bussin Quick Syndrom; when ur man busses too fast
dat boy's some neek man...sufferin from B.Q.S n shit!
by BabyDee September 19, 2005
Be quiet!
Jimmy: Hey, if you don't give me your number I'm going to tell everyone about last night!

Kathy: BQ!!!!!!
by jimmyboy1234456 January 27, 2010
Be quiet.Expression used to substitute btfq (be the fuck quiet),especially stfu (shut the fuck up) when someone says something unimportant or stupid.More polite anyway.
Ash:GTFO of the way,jerks!(Team Rocket)
Paul:bq please!
by DarkMagicPaul96 January 28, 2010
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