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50 definitions by sandspit

exhaustile (noun) someone with absolutly no energy or enthusiasum.
Alvin was such an exhaustile, he took the elevator down one floor.
by sandspit June 28, 2007
gwomble (verb) successful and deft attempt at, to get, to own, to grab.
First joe gwombled her number, then two days later he gwombled her goodies. to gwomble
by sandspit June 28, 2007
when a (usually bad) tune gets stuck in your head, and won't go away.
" I never go bowling anymore, for fear that I'll get a tune infection by some hideous '70's song!"
by sandspit April 11, 2010
noun: someone who never leaves the house, or more aproppriately-apartment.
Alvin was such a cribondle he called Pink-Dot for toilet paper...lame!
by sandspit September 11, 2007
laggard noun: anyone who takes too long to do anything, especially while driving.
this fucking laggard is just sitting there at the green arrow...WTF?!
by sandspit August 27, 2007
unemployed adult male that has little more to do in a day other than masturbate.
Alvin is such a spanky dolittle, he's lucky he has rich parents!
by sandspit September 11, 2007
noun: west coast beach slang. someone who poses as a surfer, but would never risk a rag-doll.
mike: hey Alvin, why did you bolt that surfboard to the roof of your car?

Alvin: oh, the last one got stolen one night last month. hatter
by sandspit September 11, 2007