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A shady ass person that likes to have their mouth open as wide as their legs. They have multiple sexual relationships without the knowledge or consent of any of their significant others and will sneak off the moment you fall asleep or turn your back. Never trust someone with a weasely rep.
Mary: Hey, have you been hanging out with Tim lately?
Jane: Ew, fuck no. Tim's a weasely little bitch. He cheats on everybody.
#weasley #weasly #untrustworthy #unfaithful #cheating
by Emily & Pahut June 08, 2015
Behavior that is like that of a weasel.
Such as in, "That was a weasely move you just pulled, you sonofabitch!"
#synonyms: slimey #sleazy #under handed #nasty #dirty. antonym: courageous #bold #gutsy
by Weasel's Ex-wife September 24, 2013
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