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Bromantic (adjective); not necessarily homosexual, yet still just a little too much love goin' on between guys.
There was something oddly bromantic about how Alvin shoulder-hugged his new friend Kristoph.
by sandspit June 28, 2007
conventional usage: short-term musculo-skeletal condition brought on by excessive masturbation, affecting active arm.

modern usage: short-term musculo-skeletal condition brought on by excessive masturbation, affecting mouse/pointer arm.
Joe: 'Poor Alvin, two weeks after he got high-speed internet he had pennis elbow in both arms!'

Theresa: 'god, what a spanky dolittle, he must be exhausterbated!
by sandspit November 03, 2007
noun: a young woman at the beach, or elsewhere that has a really excellent butt, but thinks she's fat so she hides said butt from view. essentially denying us all from appreciating aformentioned butt.
dude! that insane tan blubru just pulled a full towel butt on us...lame!
by sandspit August 27, 2007
noun, verb: handjob, hand job, to bring one to orgasm by means of hands only.
Alvin continued his weak arguent to her, that a quick bonetactile would benefit them both. she ultimately disagreed.
by sandspit August 27, 2007
troublemaker or vandal that fucks stuff up just to gain points with his "homies".
the police arrested the carload of tooligans for throwing milkshakes at fast-food take-out window employees all night. tooligan
by sandspit October 02, 2007
a somewhat demeaning description of a sexy young woman, the distinction being she can not be skinny.
hey...did you see that total flesh nugget over by the pool tables?! damn!
by sandspit August 27, 2007
to make a bad decision, to exercise poor judgment, make a bad call. Derelict at duty.
President Bush's downright derek call to allow Mexican truckers free access to American highways, was blocked by emergency legislation.
by sandspit October 23, 2007

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