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Seasonal game in which you dump your lover.
Oh man... It gives me the jitters, Christmas is coming.


Dump-a-thon season.
by rperazag May 15, 2010
Excessive gambling habit indulged by grannies who keep buying lotto tickets and scratch cards thinking that near misses indicate a close big win.
Grandma is always broke. Any money you give her feeds her
near-winning addiction.
by rperazag May 14, 2010
Person with observable skeletal asymmetry, resulting in weird swinging when walking.
At first, I couldn´t dig such a weird swinging, then I realized that Gabriela has a twisted chassis.
by rperazag May 04, 2010
Question to ask when someone makes a stupid statement. As I am sure you will use it extensively, it is recommended to record it to play ad nauseam (to a disgusting or ridiculous degree; to the point of nausea)
"The world is ending in 2012"
So fucking what?
"The economy is cyclical"
So fucking what?
"Your wife is cheating on you"
So fucking....what???
by rperazag May 23, 2010
The dismal results a man gets from investing a load of money on his wife to better her looks through a nose job, a boob job, and liposuction.
Man, why are you so pissed off with Rodendra?
Look at the stupid cow! I invested full greenbacks on her and what did I get? A stupid hippo! Ain´t that recycling fraud?
by rperazag May 06, 2010
Fear of being in love.
X: "Man, have you seen what people do when they're in love? They do all sorts of stupid, embarrassing stuff usually for no reason what-so-ever. People who are scared of being in love are not strange at all, they're just sensible."
Y: Oh...Sure! They have Philophobia."
by rperazag June 23, 2010
Deep sense of moral decay a guy feels after wanking on a Playboy´s Centerfold.
Father... I confess that I regularly wank on Playboy´s Centerfolds.

Yours is a common symptom of pornography of regret.
Don´t worry Son... I used to wank on the photo on Aunt Jemima Buttermilk Complete Pancake & Waffle Mix.

That´s so sick, Father...!

Yeah Son... and well above racist wanking... but the pancakes were a hell of a treat!
by rperazag May 18, 2010

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