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A scrabble player that cheats by using a dictionary or word guide to search for words to fit the tiles while an on-line game is in progress.
Linda: Once again Betsy beat me playing Words With Friends on the iPhone. I think she cheated.
Mary: Why do you think that?
Linda: She got the word OXAZEPAM.
Mary: I didn't even know that was a word.
Linda: Yeah, will now I know she's a total bitchionary.
#scrabble #iphone #online #game #dictionary
by LayeredSin January 30, 2010
A dictionary of bitch quotes, sayings, and rebuttals that a bitch may use in the event that she is disrespected.
"If that hoe says another word to me, I'm going to whip out my bitchionary and put her in her basic bitch place"
#bitch #bitchionary #dictionary #mean #albatraoz
by ElsaFrozenPrincess March 29, 2015
A dictionary dedicated to list the growing number of types of bitches, including the following, found on the floor of a 3rd grade classroom at a charter school in Washington, D.C.:
Dirty dumb ass bitches
Fishy bitches
Can’t keep a man bitch
Hoochie looking bitches
Ain’t got no damn sense bitches
Instigating bitches
Funky looking bitches
Staring in your face bitches
Crazy bitches
Nappy tender headed bitches
Booty shorts wearing bitches
Stanky fishy coochie smelling bitches
Tomboy bitches
Stanky butt bitches
Greedy bitches
Slimy grimy bitches
Psycho bitches
Geekin’ bitches
Goofy looking bitches
Triflin’ bitches
Skanky bitches
Mugging bitches
Sloppy bitches
Conceited bitches
Jealous bitches
C´mon... she is not that rare, just look at the Bitchionary and you´ll find her type!
#bitch #bitchionary #dictionary #types #list
by rperazag December 11, 2010
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