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A phrase you say when a friend, who constantly plays the victim, tells you for the millionth time
how miserable is his life, while refusing to see the bright aspects you keep mentioning.
"And then, when I asked my parents for extra money, they refused and instead of that asked me to take the garbage out. Ain´t that cruel?"

I understand you... Better Put A Blanket Around Those Chickens!
by rperazag May 19, 2010
A numerical scale (from 0 to 10) by means of which variables, such as age, level of hotness, dating demand, level of horniness, family background, and boob to waist ratio, predicts how many dates and monetary investment you will need to score with a particular broad. It predicts with astonishing accuracy when the female will open her legs for you.
Yo... have been dating Suzie 4 times straight.

Have you scored yet?


So? What´s the point?

I´m cool Bro, Ease of Opening Index predicts no more than two dates and the gates will open for me.
by rperazag May 21, 2010
Recurrent mention of camel toe by guys obsessed with the size of female genitalia.
"Ok guys... camel-talking, who you think has more meat, Angelina or Scarlett?"
"Well, camel talk wise I would say that, in this case, it depends if you are talking upper or lower lips.
by rperazag May 25, 2010
The fascination that the American public has with the miserable lives of celebrities who, despite their wealth and fame destroy themselves with drugs and violence.
What´s wrong with Miss Lohan? She seems to have a terrible death wish.

Must See Train Wreck!
by rperazag May 19, 2010
Deaths that occur when New Yorkers die on the subway´s tracks when in search of a particular item, such as an iPod, an iPhone, a Blackberry cellphone, or any other object.
Three New Yorkers died, during a six months period, after ill-advised forays to the tracks in pursuit of an iPod, a nylon LeSportsac bag containing gym clothes and deodorant and, lastly, a woman’s jacket.

Yeah... Climb Down Suicide!
by rperazag May 18, 2010
Someone who claims to be able to "see" the future.
A sudden event that triggers a premonitory experience.
"Yo... FlashForwarder, what are you flashforwarding right now?"
by rperazag May 23, 2010
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