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A girl’s girl.
A gay who dresses frilly (adorned, decorated).
A woman obsessed with “the usual girl talk stuff”.
I think Maureen is a carpet muncher.

No way, she is supremely girly. Look how frilly she dresses.
by rperazag May 16, 2010
Shit reversal.
Yo... is Lita still mad at you?

Nope Bro... thanks God I managed to un-shit our situation.
by rperazag May 15, 2010
Opposition to technical or technological change.
"I don´t get it, Obama is surgically attached to his BlackBerry, but he denounces the iPad. He caught me off guard by his luddism.
by rperazag May 25, 2010
The Kingdom where low level employees, who want to get even with society making your life as miserable as possible, reign. Vicious social group made of clerks who do menial tasks in an office, or at a sales counter or service desk at a store or hotel.
Bureaucracy made of people with clerk mentality.
Why is it so uphill to get any small thing done around here with a minimum efficiency ?

Welcome to Clerkdom!
by rperazag May 16, 2010
The answer you give when you have no answer, but have the power to do as you please.
Extreme level of control mentality.
Citizen: Due to the highly negative impact on the quality of life of this city, we propose to do an in-depth investigation about municipal management of toxic waste.

Politician: The Answer Is No To That.
by rperazag May 16, 2010
Lindsay Lohan.
What´s wrong with Miss Lohan? She seems to have a terrible death wish.

Must See Train Wreck!
by rperazag May 17, 2010
Mascots unveiled for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London 2012.
Named after the village of Much Wenlock in Shropshire. Mandeville is the birthplace of the Paralympic Games in England.
"We are sure that Wenlock & Mandeville will connect young people with sport, and tell the story of our proud Olympic and Paralympic history.”
by rperazag May 20, 2010

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