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When a black celebrity who used cosmetic procedures to turn white his skin, decides to reverse the process in order to be black again.
Sammy Sosa, Black Again! Skin Reportedly Back To Old Hue.
by rperazag May 12, 2010
Any radical action used to express againts the oppression of women, the stereotype of femininity and the commercialization of sexuality.
Russell Brand's invasive and painful way to protest consumerism.
PLAYBOY: You once stuck a Barbie up your ass during a show in London, claiming it was a protest against consumerism. Is it possible there's a less personally invasive and painful way to protest consumerism?
BRAND: If there is, I haven't found it.
by rperazag May 14, 2010
Women´s periodic erratic behavior due to hormonal cycles.
No.... she is not being aggresive... is just hor-normal.
by rperazag May 12, 2010
To walk away. To evade. Immature avoidance tactic used by adults in order to escape facing responsibilities.
Don't just toddle off when I'm talking to you Markus. Don´t be such a pussy.
by rperazag May 10, 2010
Seasonal game in which you dump your lover.
Oh man... It gives me the jitters, Christmas is coming.


Dump-a-thon season.
by rperazag May 15, 2010
A knowledgeable lover who knows how to produce multiple orgasms in any woman.
Savant from the French savoir "knowing".
In bed? Well... if I am not tired he will make me come over a dozen times. He is just a sexsavant.
by rperazag May 12, 2010
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