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250 definitions by rperazag

To walk away. To evade. Immature avoidance tactic used by adults in order to escape facing responsibilities.
Don't just toddle off when I'm talking to you Markus. Don´t be such a pussy.
by rperazag May 10, 2010
90 14
The asshole you are married to.
How did I get this Mr. Right? Anybody else married to an asshole husband?
by rperazag May 16, 2010
113 38
Special honor dedicated to some of the crappiest members of society, who deserve no attention at all due to their lack of value as individuals, but that manage to titillate the stupid masses and capture the idiotic attention of mainstream media.
Who are the inductees for the Hall of Shame this year?

A looooong list... Among others, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.
by rperazag May 15, 2010
87 12
When a company switches back from Macs to PCs due to short-sighted costs cutting measures.
Oh My Gawd... they are going back to HP!

by rperazag May 12, 2010
91 16
A knowledgeable lover who knows how to produce multiple orgasms in any woman.
Savant from the French savoir "knowing".
In bed? Well... if I am not tired he will make me come over a dozen times. He is just a sexsavant.
by rperazag May 12, 2010
95 21
Seasonal game in which you dump your lover.
Oh man... It gives me the jitters, Christmas is coming.


Dump-a-thon season.
by rperazag May 15, 2010
83 10
Excessive gambling habit indulged by grannies who keep buying lotto tickets and scratch cards thinking that near misses indicate a close big win.
Grandma is always broke. Any money you give her feeds her
near-winning addiction.
by rperazag May 14, 2010
89 16