250 definitions by rperazag

Siblings (brothers or sisters) close enough to almost be twins.
My sister Emily is so close to me that we feel more like twiblings.
by rperazag January 02, 2011
To establish normal communication and good terms with someone who pissed you off.
I de-iced Peter after like a month...I missed the moron like totally.
by rperazag December 24, 2010
Low sperm count.
An infertile man who has less than 20 million spermatozoa per one ml of ejaculate.
Nah! Robert has weakyleaks.
by rperazag December 17, 2010
Gadgets worn around the neck.
The retard with the äppäräti.
by rperazag December 17, 2010
A smaller-than-usual condom marketed to 13- to-15-year-olds
C´mon man! Stop pretending you are an adult African-American... get a hotshot.
by rperazag December 17, 2010

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