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A dictatorship that, even with all the power and an immense amount of resources, is unable to keep a minimum control on crime, or satisfy the bare necessities of its own adepts.
My father keeps a shitty dictatorshit at home.
by rperazag July 13, 2010
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A massive dump after which you feel so much lighter and more active that you want to take over the world.
That was one huge dictatorshit I just laid in there.
by RavyDavy April 01, 2006
An expression used to describe futile orders and rules, usually in the workplace. These are decided via the employers. And the ideas that from are behind the dictatorship are pointless, idiotic, very illogical and unreasonable. Dictatorshits can also be lead by parental figures that think they know best, when they haven't a fucking clue. Not forgetting dominant friends or your partner/ex partner.

Boss:"Larkin, get those invoices done by Thursday, organise a staff meeting to discuss productivity and clean up the toilets when you are done".

Larkin: "What? Clean the toilets boss!"

Boss: "Just get on with it, don't question my authority! If you wish to, a meeting can be arranged if you have a problem, do I make myself clear?"

Larkin: "Fuck this dictatorshit, I am out of here!"
by Darkthetamene July 12, 2007

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