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A butt plug measuring 3 inches wide and 6 inches long.
I used the Bull Dozer on that ho and she was screamin! see Oh!
by Rosh April 20, 2003
1. a species of dog

2. Sheet
That shitzu just ler out a shitzu on the sidewalk! Gross!

Comment submitted with request to Delete: "my puppie dog from 4 month bites me all the time and I dont know how to make him stop whith this painfoof habit. I am going to be very gratefool if you can explane me what to do.
thanks a lot susana"
by Rosh April 20, 2003
Used by pimpin' gangstas to describe something cool.
Doze are sum mad rims you be sportin'.
by Rosh April 20, 2003
A version of "fabulous" for gays
Oh my gawd Eric, you look fantabulous in that skirt!
by Rosh April 20, 2003
gangster jibberish (has no meaning)
use it to sound like a gangster
Y'all best break y'all selves
by Rosh April 20, 2003
Used to describe the actionsof Democrats, republicans, or any sort of politician.
by Rosh April 20, 2003
outdoors, that is, usually not on your property.

this is impossible in urban areas, because being undetected is a top priority
fizzle my nizzle
by Rosh April 20, 2003
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