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when someone is doing a girl up the ass and takes it out, the big hole is her gaping ass
I did Trisha up that sweat ass of hers and it was gaping for weeks
by Josh November 22, 2004
Hole is wide open
I stuck it in her gaping hole
by Studio February 25, 2003
An irregular sized vagina or butt hole.
made wider by having to much sex.
A very loose vagina or butt hole.
Callie's so gaping you could stick the thumb of michigan in her vagina.

I thought i discovered a black hole only to find out it was Callie's gaping vagina.
by Chene Nowicki August 06, 2007
verb. The act of spreading the asshole with something other than your penis. Primarily four fingers (two on each hand).
Dude i was gaping her last night with four fingers, and i made her asshole square, i coulda measured the right angles.
by angry ga[]Der September 04, 2010
when a woman shows her relaxed ass to you. Its a nasty thing only kinky women will do. Dont even try asking your lady. we didnt speek for weeks.

when gays do gaping its called homoholing yeggg..
can you do gaping with your pussy also?

icebears dont like gaping, dolphins like it tho

After me spunking the munchie she did some gaping and when she was done with that, she did some squirting and finnaly gave som good ol' blumpkin
by kukel June 13, 2003
Karlee Ann Smith's Vagina
Wow, her pale white vahine is gaping, just like a black hole or a train tunnel.
by Cardolf August 18, 2007
When someone is gaping they have their mouth wide open, sometimes for minutes on end.

Gaping can occur naturally, ie yawn or old age;
or forced, either from drugs or deranged people.
Person 1: Look at that old man gaping while he's driving
Person 2: Hahahahaha, forced gape cos you're old

Person 1: Nice gape over there, how many cones have you had?
Person 2: (Gape talking) 10

Person 1: Start gaping or I'll kill you!
Person 2: (Gape talking) OK!
by Gaper May 07, 2012
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