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A bundle of sticks tied together, not a wrong way of saying "faggot" for all you anti-homosexuals, you should all burn in hell!!!
i threw the fagot into the fire.

i called the man a fagot, and he laughed at me because i called him a bundle of sticks tied together.
by OBone April 16, 2006
The incorrect spelling of faggot.
"Hey fagot!"
"It's f-a-g-g-o-t do douchebag!"
"::cry:: sorry man! ::cry::"
"If your gonna insult me in words, spell the insult right."
by The n00b schoolbus March 23, 2006
A biker that makes loud sounds such as revving up the motor, for attention.
He thinks he's a badass cause people are scared or think he looks cool. But in reality everyone thinks he's obnoxious
Fagot: Bikers on motorcycle, people that talk louder over other peoples voices, when you wanna tell someone to shut the fuck up ... Bur they continue to speak or makes a noise
by Lottafukncawk June 08, 2011
1) Incorrect spelling of "faggot".
2) NATO Codename for the MiG-15
1)Somerandomdude: LOL WUT A FAGOT
Spelling police: I believe you meant "faggot"

2) Dayum! The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 "Fagot" is awesome!
by dictionarydictator April 26, 2014
(Misspelled faggot)
1. a bundle of sticks knotted together
2. a former convict
1. "Hey! Throw those fagots over here."
2. "'Ha ha, I know that man. He is a fagot.'" (Les Miserables)
by Sephon September 23, 2007
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