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biggest influence on rockn'roll in the last decade. my idol. everyone should strive to be half as good as him.
johnny cash rocks my socks!RIP.
by raven January 13, 2004
The best cartoon yet to be made that may lead to an advacement in cartoon technology, despite it's being cancelled.
by Raven July 22, 2003
A beautiful and talented singer and songwriter. Has been in many amazing bands.
Man, that Conor Oberst is pretty hot.
by raven February 22, 2004
A manga/anime which was created in Japan and brought into the U.S. in 1999.
It is now in 4 seasons, and 1 movie.
In Japan, it is 5 seasons and 7 movies.
The show is considered to be a copy of Pokemon, when in fact it was created before, so if any copying was done, it was the other way around.
Digimon is a very secessful show, with millions of fanbases around the world.
It is the one kick-*** show thats for every age.
From Season 1, Episode !:
"We're Digimon! Digital Monsters!"
From Season 2, Episode 13:
"Digimon. They keep trying to take me to their world"
From Season 3, Episode 1:
"No, it's a digimon! Don't you know anything?"
by Raven July 27, 2004
Nightwing is Dick Grayson, the first Robin. He left Gotham and founded the first Teen Titans and later turned from Robin to Nightwing. He patrols Bludhaven, a sad crime-ridden excuse for a city.
Robin matured... a lot. Rawr.
by Raven January 17, 2005
a person from Latvia
Man, Vitauts is such a latvian.
by Raven January 01, 2003
Leadsinger of the Dead Kennedys and an extremely amusing critisizer of government.
Man, I'm going to the Jello Biafra speech.
by Raven January 01, 2003

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