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To masturbate very frequently, at least 6 times or more daily. usually a twelve or thirteen year old who is very horny.
"Son!" Wes mother? "You are such a jackaholic!" "I know."
by raven January 28, 2003
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Someone who is skilled in the drinking of large quanitities of Jack Daniels, usually in an Alcoholic mannor.

see Jackism.
Man 1: Dude, you need to cut down on drinking jack...

Man 2: i would, but I'm a Jackaholic. It's a life choice, really.
by FroogleApollo April 02, 2009
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One who is seduced greatly by the whiskey named Jack Daniels. Sometimes refers to the liquor as his/her husband.
Girl1: Holy moley, someone slept with my husband before I did! His cap is loose!
Girl2: You're such a jackaholic. (glug, glug, glug)
by cheeb January 28, 2003
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