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1. Someone who think they own the "Punk Scene" but really is a poser.
2. Sweet song by Anti-Flag a punk band.
1. Man that poser thinks he's Captain Anarchy.

2. Lets go to random peoples houses singing "Captain Anarchy"
by Raven January 01, 2003
A slang form of the word "you" for people who don't know how to spell and have poor grammar.
U r 2 kewl 2 b 4gotten!
by Raven May 27, 2003
the pocket of stomach fat that rolls over tight pants; or lower abdominal excess skin and fat that becomes more apparent when standing or seated.
Is you pregnant or is that yo' fumpa?
by Raven June 10, 2004
Literally it means thats how it goes. thats what happens.
That's the way the cookie crumbles, get the hell over it.
by Raven May 28, 2004
Someone that longs for cock (penis). The cock munger can be either male or female.
Damn he/she is a fucking cock munger.
by Raven January 23, 2004
A pinecone bird feeder like they used to make in Girl Scouts, where you put peanut butter and the pinecone and roll it in bird seed. I don't know whey Strong Sad named them wood davers, though. He must have been REALLY hopped up, man.
You wanna make some wood davers with me? I got pinecones, I got peanut butter!
by Raven December 24, 2003
slutty tennis player
That girl at the Vinoy Club dresses so Anna.
by Raven January 01, 2003
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