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A derogatory word used to describe Asians who cannot speak English properly. Originated in Las Vegas, NV when all the slanted eyed bastards in the sportsbooks could not pronounce the number 6, instead calling it "sic"
Look at all those sicas taking pictures and eating eggrolls!!
by Louie Vargiu December 25, 2007
Word originated in the Cibao area in the Dominican Republic meaning fecal matter; shit
Mira tu cara de sica: Hey, you! shitface.
by rolan2 July 12, 2008
Suicidal Incompetent Cocksucking Asshole
Man Chris Sica of Brewster, NY is such a SICA.
by dondada66 May 04, 2009
word used to describe someone of asian backround...this word originated in the las vegas sports book...
lou the sica over there would like to take the jet over sic points.
by tiffany and lou January 01, 2008
This crazy chick that rips it on a freebord. She was the Rider of the Year in '05.
Sica is down to ride the steepest hills.
by LoveAtARedLight September 09, 2006
My personal sex-slave
sica, take off your clothes
by Shenalia May 11, 2004
A female who seaks cyber sex constantly and wishes she had a penis.
Sica won't leave me alone
by AngryPencil April 02, 2004
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