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Leadsinger of the Dead Kennedys and an extremely amusing critisizer of government.
Man, I'm going to the Jello Biafra speech.
by Raven January 01, 2003
A car released by Holden, a sub company of the Intergalactic GM Empire.

This model car has questionable integrity, safety and security systems.
People are often reffered to as 'Commodore' drivers as an insult, similar to the way that Volvo drivers are.

Another popular name for these cars are 'Commonwhore', symbolic as they are very common and f**k you over.
(After seeing someone run into the gutter or tailgating someone else) "Oh look, a Commodore driver!"
by raven July 02, 2004
The server system used by online games made by Blizzard Entertainment.
Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, and their respective Expansion Packs/Sequals use battle.net for online gameplay.
by Raven July 19, 2004
Sexy attractive female, someone you wanna just back up against a wall and kiss
You wanna come find a room with me mommie? aight?
by Raven December 18, 2003
There are three definition's to the word Shanty:-

A> A shanty is a poorly made house in which one can dwell, usually made out of scavenged materials.

B> The word Shanty is often used to describe something created with a half arsed attempt or someone that is lazy and does not put any effort into their work.

c> A object that truely annoys you and does not work the way you expect it too.
A> Wow. A shanty Hut.

B> You shanty lay-about do some flaming work!

c> Any breed of mobile phone.
by Raven February 06, 2004
To masturbate very frequently, at least 6 times or more daily. usually a twelve or thirteen year old who is very horny.
"Son!" Wes mother? "You are such a jackaholic!" "I know."
by raven January 28, 2003
Term used in salutation with people of african descent.
What up nuggah
by Raven June 02, 2004

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