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A Monstrous Massive Inexorable Force That Crushes Whatever Is In Its Path
Immane Juggernaut is going to destroy your feeble server.
by Raven January 09, 2004
Adult content played on Anime Network at 1:00am eastern to 4:00am eastern
Skimmpy Clothes-Extreme Jiggling-Nose Bleed
by Raven February 05, 2005
A group of people who have nothing better to do except go around and submit a inanely offensive definition to quality control, using the same boring and uncreative commentary.
"Why are people making up stupid definitions? This sort of stuff does not need to be on UrbanDictionary.com"

-50% of the comments in the quality control section
by Raven October 28, 2004
To add pornographic content to an object.

The word used by Cassiel when he quit producing ToB N because some DotA-loving fag leaked the beta version 11. Instead, now he is working on pornifying DotA because surely with his great map-making ability and his JASS knowlege, he could create a better spoof on DotA without creating millions of memory leaks or using global variables for every little inane thing.

-Some Rich Guy at Playboy HQ
by Raven October 27, 2004
1) Carlo

2) A really hyper active Asian who jumps off walls, eats rice, goes crazy, practices ninjitsu, listens to rap music, or is the Shiznit.
That Teenage Mutatant Ninja Nigga ate my rice bowl!!
by Raven April 05, 2004
The delicious treat, Cunt-Cake. Add several scoops of whipped cream and other sweet confections in the groin area of a female. Then count how many licks it takes to get to the center of the cake and into the cave (Abyss), please tell me the answer on how many licks it takes to get to the center of a cuntcake. *Lame music here*
That cuntcake was a filling late night treet, but I still had room in my tummy to slide my tounge into the cave, and eventually my wang.
by Raven April 28, 2004
This is the police code for "being" drunk. 502 is the Code for Driving drunk. Same thing but depends on what you're doing. May 2th still stands as Drunk Day, no matter what though.
1: Look he's pulling a 502!
2: No, stupid, he's not driving. That's a 390!
by Raven August 04, 2004

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