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The same as The Shit, only better because tits are great and shit isn't.
That Shit Was The Tits!
by Rob January 14, 2005
a hand job
She gave a great tug job at the end and I busted a nut all over her hand
by Rob December 29, 2003
the act of pressing the "degauss" button on your computer monitor to be rewarded with a buzzing sound and an exciting dementation of the colors.

A computer that hasn't been degaussed for a fair amount of time is considered "fresh".

The longer the duration between degausses, the "twangier" the degauss will be. If you are patient enough to wait a few weeks without degaussing your monitor, you won't be disappointed with the twangage.

The "Degauss Scale®" is used to measure the amount of "twang" from a degauss. The scale is usually from 1-10.

1: The lowest score on the twang scale. you must have just degaussed your monitor a few seconds ago in order to have a twang rating this low.

2: weak. you must have recently degaussed your monitor.

3: low. a slight twang but not much color distortion.

4: below average. generally low amount of twang/gimpedness

5: average. this is the type of degauss you will usually get if you have gone about 30 mins without degaussing.

6: above average. a decent amount of twang duration and messed up gamma.

7: oooh gettin up there. a 7 is pretty good. this means you have a good amount of twang and your color probably messed up quite a bit.

8: This is a satisfying degauss. enough twang to keep you laughing.

9: an unhealthy amount of twang and buzzing. insane color distortion.

10: these suckers only come by once in a green moon. They are so absol-friggin-twangy that they can knock you out of your seat. 10's usually have about an 8 sec twang duration. pulling one of these off means you are a degauss pr0
i degaussed all the monitors in the computer lab. uber twang
by Rob April 11, 2005
n. A practitioner of the sport/art of parkour. Is a skilled runner and jumper. Often has the ability to perform various acrobatic techniques, but not necessarily so.
David Belle is the founder of the sport of parkour and is an elite traceur.

That traceur has an amazing precision jump.
by Rob November 20, 2003
To snub someone off; to abruptly end a conversation after requesting something.
David, get me that drink, kthxbye.
by Rob March 23, 2003
The word daisy refers to some thing being good, it originated from the wild west as seen it the film tomb stone.
the dude: Well ain't that a daisy
cowboy: god damn it you got a royal flush for times in a row no ones that looky
by Rob August 09, 2004
the only reason san diego has good metalcore bands.
1. AILD (AS I LAy Dying) freaking rox!
2. Beneath The Encasing Of Ashes is The best Metal Album out there
by Rob May 20, 2004
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