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The Study of all things Wumbo
see Wumbo
Steve is a Wumbologist of the highest degree, and knows of many wumbo things better than most
by Rob October 16, 2004
That episode in Spongebob when Patrick wanted to change Mermaid Man's belt from an M upside down to a W. And Patrick's like, "W for Wumbo!"
Spongebob: "wumba...-what?"
Patrick: "WUMBOLOGY! The study of Wumbo! I Wumbo, you Wumbo, he, she, me...Wumbo. Wumboing, Wumborama. Come on Spongebob, it's first grade!!"
#spongebob #squarepants #patrick #star #wumba #wumbology #wumbo
by SpongebobSquarepantsLoverrrrrr March 31, 2010
The study of Wumbo: 1st grade material may include wumbology
She learned Wumbology her first year of school
#wumbo #wumbology #wumbologist #spongebob #patrick
by niggerbottom September 02, 2012
The study of wumbo

Professor Star created the term in the year 20XX and is first learned in first grade. Wumbologists study Wumbology many students majored in wumbology and were successful.
Mr.SquarePants was taught what wumbology means
by trinix December 12, 2015
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