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the dirty yellow cheese under ones foreskin
tim hewitt
by peter pan October 15, 2003
Word used by Rufio and other lost boys in the movie "Hook"
The boys shouted 'BANGARANG' at each other.
by peter pan February 25, 2003
A cocky ass spanish male perdominatly from Puerto Rico that walks around like he is in Miami Vice.
Also known as border jumpers that can't ride motorcycles.
The poster child for Ponch from "Chips"
Hey look at that guy riding that nice ass as bike with his shirt unbuttoned down to his bellybutton, he's so supa suga.
by peter pan June 21, 2004
uber leader
adolf hitler
by peter pan September 26, 2003
A sad word used by men over 40. means good, fine etc. Evolved from the the word "boodle", which also means good, fine etc.
After some servere jiggery-pokery with the registry, it was boodlectimyitus!
by Peter Pan July 30, 2004
someone who has a really long, thin penis.
he didnt pleasure me becuase he had a tiny toaster streudle.
by Peter Pan October 13, 2004
junk, not good enough, crap
u piece of naff
by peter pan August 21, 2003

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