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Slang for G or Gangster
also slang for drop top convertible car
generally used as a play on words

Origin: Rufio, leader of the child gang in the movie Hook.
ie. Money to Blow ft. Drake lyrics: "On records I'm captain hook and my new car is Rufio"

ie. Check my new rufio Lexus SC
by lemonliam June 01, 2010
the coolest character from the disney movie hook. also a kick ass band.
rufio kicks ass!
by grishinka July 24, 2003
A badass car, a RUF Porsche.
From the Lil' Wayne/Drake song, Money To Blow, "On records i'm captain hook And my new car is Rufio"

This is actually a double entendre of Rufio from Peter Pan, and RUF, an aftermarket tuner of badass Porsches.
by Jimma Jamma Joe August 12, 2011
1. A band.
2. Nickname for the leader of the gang of kids in the movie Hook.
3. member, strong libertarian. Hated or loved. Smart.
4. Roofies? Those... date-rape drugs.
I was at a Rufio concert and Rufio tried to give Rufio some Roofies but she could see through the plot.
by Name-42 January 26, 2004
awesome and incredible, to an unbelievable extent; often used in a response or in ending a sentence.
adds meaning and feeling in a chill, relaxed manner.
example 1
dude 1: "yo, i'm going to six flags tomorrow!"
dude 2: "rufio."

example 2
"i just got girl talk's new rufio cd"

example 3
"school's out in 2 weeks, rufio."
by adam yayyy August 28, 2008
the act of expelling salavia directly into the face of another (often an eye) out of excitement. This act is always done by accident and without malicious intent
calm down, you might rufio on me!
by Marley Lieberman March 04, 2007
An emo band that makes very good music and if you don't know them, I highly recommend you go to their site or download one of their songs (Ex: White Lights, Dipshit.. etc.)
Rufio is Rufio
by Arley April 11, 2004
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